What Only You Can Do!

One of my all-time favorite passages in Scripture is Ephesians 2:10, “For we are His creation – created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared ahead of time so that we should walk in them.”
In just a few words, God, through the Apostle Paul, shared some pretty profound truths.

First, we are God’s creation. This has some pretty serious implications for us, particularly when we feel, or we’ve permitted others to make us feel, like we’re just not good enough. We have been created by God – made in His image! All of creation is a reflection of the love, beauty, majesty, and power of Almighty God. Do you think He would create something, or somebody, less than His best? Absolutely not! He created us to have a relationship with Him, so he gave us attributes and abilities that other creatures do not. We can relate to God, as He reveals Himself to us – there’s a Hebrew word for that, “WOW!”

Next, we have been created for good works, which God prepared before we were even a thought in anyone’s mind. God has big plans for us. He knew what He would have for us to do from the foundation of the world. Regardless of what you might think, God – through the ministry of the Holy Spirit – has given each of us gifts. That means that each of us have gifts and talents that are unique to only us! It also means something else: there are things in this world that only you can do. Your gift might be prayer and intercession, it might be teaching, it might be witnessing and evangelizing, it might be service (we’re all called to serve somewhere, but you might be really, really good at it!). Whatever the gift, whatever the talent – it’s yours, and you have received it from the Living God to usew in service to His kingdom – and it’s good.


Finally, we have been given these good works to perform, “so that we should walk in them.” Translation: you have been given gifts to employ for the good work of God’s Kingdom – so you need to be about the business of doing them! God didn’t create you, and give you a hope and a future, so that you could sit around waiting for something to happen. No – He created you to be a catalyst – to make the ministry, the work, the love – happen! That is a tremendous responsibility, and God will hold us accountable for how we live out the life He has given us. We are not only called, we are also accountable.


Know this – there is something of worth, value, and importance in the Kingdom of God that only YOU can do. If you know what God wants you to do, regardless of whether you think you can do it or not, what are you waiting for? If you are still searching for God’s will for your life, the best place you can be when you don’t know what to do is on your knees – that’s where Jesus went when He was troubled. So, pray. Seek His face. Let Him show you how to do what only you can do!


In His love,
Bro. Heath